Amazing Grace: Thomas Clarkson and Thomas Clarkson Gage
admin 5 November 2017

Once again my blog is inspired by a recent OASIS class that connects my heroine Matilda Joslyn Gage with another histori

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Feminism and The Book of Mormon Girl
October 14, 2017 admin

The Book of Mormon Girl: a memoir of an American faith, was published in 2012.  It was the book that my book club, a su

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Blog #14: A Marathon of Suffragist Movies
September 6, 2017 admin

  Women’s Equality Day was celebrated on August 26th. There are many ways to honor this day but an especially eff

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Matilda, Goddesses and The Shack
August 8, 2017 Susan Savion

  I recently read a book called The Shack. I had heard this was a good book but had no idea what it was about.  I

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