Susan Savion grew up on a farm near Highland, Illinois.

She has spent most of her career as a teacher. She has taught in rural, small town, suburban, and inner city schools at all levels. She was also a gymnastics judge for ten years.

Susan has published poems and has authored four middle-grade-teacher resource books, namely, Quotes to Start the Day, Quotes That Bring History to Life, Quotes to Stretch Your Brain, and Quotes to Spark Discussion. She is a member of Women Transcending B...



“This was a great, quick read and refresher about the women’s rights movement. It gave me even more respect for all the women who came before and their life’s work of ensuring that women had a political voice and therefore independence in future generations.”

—Julia Fesko (Syracuse, New York)

“I found this book to be enlightening and informative. Unlike reading a book on history, this author does a very nice job of presenting and accurately representing Gage's ‘lesser known’ role in the feminist movement and mark on the women's suffrage movement, in an easy-to-read format linking Gage’s words to fascinating biographical information.”

—Love to Read (Amazon Reviewer)


Though Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton are well-known historical names, that of Matilda Joslyn Gage usually evokes the response, “Who?” Yet, this amazing woman contributed equally for many years as part of a triumvirate with Anthony and Stanton. Matilda was involved in the woman’s suffrage. She was born in upstate New York to an abolitionist family. Indeed, her childhood home and her later Greek Revival home (now a museum dedicated to her) in Fayetteville, New York were both stops on the Underground Railroad. She was best known for her feminist and suffragist activities, but she was “written out of history” for many years, because she was considered by her peers to b...