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Women’s Suffrage Time Line–1840-1920
August 18, 2020 admin

Today is the 100th Anniversary of when women in the United States won the right to vote.  They fought hard and for many

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Alice Paul vs. Woodrow Wilson: A Thanksgiving Story
November 25, 2019 admin

  Matilda Joslyn Gage worked many decades through the 1800s to gain suffrage for women; Alice Paul and her fellow s

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Matilda at the State Fair
August 28, 2019 admin

Yesterday I manned (womaned?) the Gage House’s table in the Arts and Food Building at the New York State Fair.  I got

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Gage Protest at the Statue of Liberty
July 9, 2019 Susan Savion

The statue stands 151 feet high (on top of a 154-foot-high pedestal) and depicts Lady Liberty raising a torch in her rig

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